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Pink Lemurian Faden Quartz

Pink Lemurian Faden Quartz

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Pink Lemurian Faden Quartz 33.5g - Rare Santander, Colombia Find

Faden Quartz is a unique variety distinguished by white, thread-like lines, known as 'faden' lines, running through the crystal. These lines form as the crystal grows, breaks, and heals, creating a fascinating and distinctive pattern. Dive into the mystical allure of Pink Lemurian Faden Quartz from Santander, Colombia! This rare gem features delicate Faden lines, imbuing each piece with a unique and mesmerizing beauty. Experience its gentle vibrations and embrace a journey of spiritual growth and transformation. Elevate your space with this extraordinary find!
Weight 33.5g
Size 2.75"x1.5"x0.5"

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