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Afghan Lapis Lazuli - Free Form - 457Gr - 4.5"x2.25"x1"

Afghan Lapis Lazuli - Free Form - 457Gr - 4.5"x2.25"x1"

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6Lapis Lazuli Free-standing: Elevate Tranquility and Unfold Spiritual Insight

Discover the captivating allure of Lapis Lazuli, a captivating blue metamorphic gemstone celebrated for its serene energy and profound spiritual resonance. Comprising primarily lazurite, calcite, and pyrite minerals, this gemstone emerges from diverse locales like Afghanistan, Chile, and Russia.

Inner Equilibrium: Lapis Lazuli serves as a conduit for inner peace, offering relief from stress and anxiety. Its calming influence encourages effective communication, enabling clear expression of thoughts and emotions.

Awakened Intuition and Inner Insight: Engage with heightened intuition and expanded spiritual awareness using Lapis Lazuli. It acts as a catalyst for delving into inner wisdom, appealing to seekers of spiritual enlightenment and meaningful connections.

Enhanced Focus and Mental Clarity: Experience improved memory and concentration with Lapis Lazuli's support for mental clarity. A valuable ally for students and professionals seeking sharper focus and cognitive acuity.


  • Meditative Spaces: Perfect for meditation rooms or personal spaces, Lapis Lazuli Free-standing fosters tranquility and aids in deepening spiritual practices.
  • Decor and Healing: Incorporate it into décor to infuse spaces with calming energy and harness its reputed healing properties.
  • Personal Growth: Utilize during self-reflection to facilitate introspection and promote personal growth.
  • Work and Study Areas: Place it in work or study areas to enhance focus and mental clarity for better productivity.

Aligned with the Third Eye: Revered for its resonance with the Third Eye Chakra (Ajna), positioned at the forehead's center, Lapis Lazuli unlocks intuitive perception beyond the physical realm.

Immerse yourself in the serene mystique of Lapis Lazuli Free-standing. Embrace its holistic essence, nurturing tranquility and spiritual enlightenment as you traverse the journey of self-discovery.

Product Description: One of a kind.

Measures 4.5"x2.25"x1"- Weight is 457Gr or 16oz

Country of Origin: Afghanistan

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