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Understanding the Calming Influence of Amethyst

Amethyst, a quartz variant ranging from pale lilac to deep purple, owes its coloration to iron and trace minerals infused within the crystal.

Renowned for its calming properties, Amethyst soothes the mind and emotions, enhancing concentration while alleviating stress and anxiety. It operates in alignment with the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara), associated with heightened consciousness and spiritual awareness. Through this connection, Amethyst assists in accessing inner guidance and deepening spiritual awareness, fostering a stronger connection with the divine.

This crystal's transformative abilities convert negative thoughts into positive ones, fostering optimism, peace, joy, warmth, calmness, and harmony.

As a favored choice among those seeking to enhance spiritual awareness, achieve emotional equilibrium, and promote physical healing, Amethyst stands as a popular gem for holistic well-being.

Product Description: Tumbled stones, each one varies in shape, color and size (Approx. 0.5-1.5").

Country of Origin: Brazil

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