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Vaastu Cleanser (Aura Cleanser) by Aromatantra 10ml

Vaastu Cleanser (Aura Cleanser) by Aromatantra 10ml

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Vaastu Cleanser Oil: Promoting Harmony, Mental Clarity, and Purification

Explore the benefits of Vaastu Cleanser, an oil blend known for its ability to clear negative energy, reduce stress, cleanse auras, and purify crystals, fostering peace and well-being.

Vaastu Cleanser is a unique and potent oil blend crafted with natural ingredients renowned for their cleansing and purifying properties. This powerful blend serves as a catalyst for promoting peace, prosperity, and optimal health.

This oil offers a multitude of benefits, notably clearing mental fatigue and reducing stress and anxiety. Its calming effects foster relaxation, leading to increased productivity and an enriched sense of well-being, both in personal spaces and work environments.

Beyond mental clarity, Vaastu Cleanser excels in purifying auras, eliminating negative energies that surround individuals. This uplifting effect promotes positivity, enriches interpersonal connections, and cultivates inner harmony and peace.

Moreover, Vaastu Cleanser proves highly effective in cleansing crystals, which often absorb negative energies. By using this oil to cleanse crystals, it facilitates the release of trapped negativity, allowing crystals to function optimally and provide their intended benefits.

Embrace Vaastu Cleanser to cleanse negativity, reduce stress, purify auras, and enhance the vibrational purity of crystals, fostering an environment of tranquility and harmony.

Presentation: 10 ml

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