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Cooper Sphere on a Selenite Bowl

Cooper Sphere on a Selenite Bowl

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Discover the Healing Fusion of Copper Sphere on Selenite Bowl - Elevate Your Space

The Copper Sphere on a Selenite Bowl amalgamates the grounding essence of copper with the purifying attributes of selenite, creating a harmonious synergy that uplifts your surroundings.

Copper, known for its grounding properties, brings balance and stability to any space. Placing a copper sphere in a room fosters stability and harmony, promoting a sense of balance.

Selenite, renowned for its ability to dispel negativity and purify energies, enhances mental clarity and emotional stability. Acting as a potent cleanser, it clears spaces, objects, or individuals from negative energy.

The combination of selenite and copper amplifies their individual healing capabilities. Together, they create a synergistic effect that magnifies their purifying and grounding properties, transforming your environment into a space of stability, clarity, and positive energy.

Dimensions: The copper sphere is solid and has a diameter of approximately 1.5". The selenite bowl has a diameter of approximately 2" by 0.75" in height. 

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