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Copper-Infused Selenite Ruler

Copper-Infused Selenite Ruler

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Discover the Potential of Our Copper-Infused Selenite Ruler

Imbued with the pristine purity of selenite and the grounding essence of copper, this ruler holds transformative energies, promising numerous benefits.

Cleansing Power: Unleash the purifying capabilities of selenite and copper conductivity. Use this ruler to cleanse your aura, eliminate negativity, and create spaces infused with newfound clarity.

Enhanced Focus: Elevate your focus and concentration during work or meditation with the gentle touch of this selenite ruler, encouraging mental clarity.

Chakra Harmony: Achieve energetic equilibrium by gently gliding the copper-infused selenite ruler over your chakras, fostering balance and overall well-being.

Spiritual Exploration: Embrace spiritual growth and heightened consciousness. Integrate this ruler into your spiritual practices, meditation, or prayer sessions to deepen your connection to divine energies.

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