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Pink Lemurian Quartz Cluster 184g

Pink Lemurian Quartz Cluster 184g

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Pink Lemurian Quartz Cluster - Rare Santander, Colombia Find

Discover the enchantment of Pink Lemurian Quartz, a captivating crystal with a delicate pink hue, sourced from Bolivar, Santander, Colombia.

Each cluster resonates with the ancient wisdom of Lemuria, emanating serene and loving vibrations to infuse your sacred space. Known for its healing properties, Pink Lemurian Quartz clusters serve as powerful tools in energy work and meditation.


  1. Chakra Alignment: Harness its harmonizing energies to align and balance chakras, aiding in spiritual alignment and promoting vitality.
  2. Spiritual Growth: Foster spiritual growth and personal evolution by connecting with the gentle, nurturing energies of this rare crystal.
  3. Intent Amplification: Amplify intentions and manifestations, utilizing the cluster's energy to magnify affirmations and goals.
  4. Healing Aura: Create a healing atmosphere, as Pink Lemurian Quartz clusters emit tender vibrations conducive to emotional healing and tranquility.

This rare treasure from Santander, Colombia, holds the potential to radiate tender energies, fostering a harmonious and serene ambiance in your spiritual haven!

Description: 184g - Approx. 4" x 3" x 1.5"

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