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Hamsa and Crystals Bamboo Tray

Hamsa and Crystals Bamboo Tray

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Handcrafted Hamsa and Crystal Bamboo Tray for Protection and Spiritual Clarity

Discover a fusion of protective energies and spiritual clarity within our meticulously crafted bamboo tray. Adorned with the revered Hamsa symbol, Clear Quartz, Black Obsidian crystals, and copper strips, this 8.75" x 6" tray is encapsulated in resin, infusing your space with shielding properties and heightened spiritual awareness.

Each piece is a distinctive creation, meticulously handcrafted to perfection. Please note that natural variations in shapes, hues, and patterns may exist within the crystals, ensuring that your tray is a unique manifestation of its own. Embrace and celebrate the inherent beauty and individuality found in every crystal-infused creation.

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