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Home Protection Kit

Home Protection Kit

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Home Protection Kit: Elevate Your Space with Positive Energy

Welcome serenity and harmony into your home with our meticulously curated Home Protection Kit. Carefully crafted to elevate your living space, this kit features an array of potent crystals strategically placed for their unique protective qualities.

Harness Protective Energy

  • 4 Clear Quartz Points: Positioned at each exterior corner of your home, these crystals establish a protective grid, shielding your space from negativity.
  • 2 Black Tourmalines: Safeguarding your entrance, they create a barrier against negative energy influx.

Purification and Clarity

  • 4 Selenite Sticks: Placed by windowsills, these purifying gems cleanse and purify, inviting serenity and mental clarity.
  • Golden Healer: Resonating in your kitchen or dining area, it radiates healing energy and abundance, infusing positivity into daily gatherings.

Harmonious Energies

  • Shungite: Nestled in the home office or media room, it neutralizes technology's effects, fostering a balanced workspace.
  • Rose Quartz & Amethyst: Enriching your bedroom, these crystals promote love, serenity, and restful sleep, creating a tranquil sanctuary.

Clear Negativity, Embrace Positivity Sage & Palo Santo offer cleansing properties when burned, their fragrant smoke clearing negativity as you move from room to room, inviting positivity.

Elevate your home's energy and embrace well-being with our Home Protection Kit. Invite positivity, balance, and tranquility into every corner, making your home a sanctuary of peace.

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