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Discovering Iolite: The Clarity Stone Enhancing Spiritual Vision

Iolite, often dubbed the "water sapphire," showcases a mesmerizing blue to violet hue and is primarily composed of magnesium and aluminum silicate. This unique stone is commonly unearthed in Sri Lanka, India, and various global locations.

Stimulating Spiritual Insight Known for its association with the third eye chakra (Sahasrara), nestled in the forehead, Iolite facilitates the enhancement of intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual vision.

Mental Clarity and Focus Iolite's calming energy fosters mental clarity and balance, aiding in accessing deeper levels of insight and understanding. It nurtures a state of focus and concentration, mitigating confusion and disorganization.

Inner Alignment and Purpose By dispelling distractions, Iolite assists in maintaining a centered approach toward goals. It enables a connection with our inner selves, guiding the discovery of life's true purpose and path.

Personal Growth and Wellness Supporting self-awareness and expression, Iolite contributes to personal growth. It aids in detoxification, bolsters the immune system, and promotes holistic healing.

Experience Iolite's Illuminating Energy Embrace the illuminating energies of Iolite to enrich spiritual insight and mental clarity. Unlock its potential for focus, self-discovery, and overall well-being on your transformative journey.

Product Description: Tumbled stones, each one varies in shape, color and size (Approx. 1-1.25").

Country of Origin: India

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