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Love Crystal Bamboo Tray

Love Crystal Bamboo Tray

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Love Crystal Bamboo Tray: Nurture Love and Tranquility

Enrich your space with profound love and emotional balance using our Love Crystal Bamboo Tray. Enhanced by copper strips, this 8.75" x 6" tray features Ice Quartz and Rhodonite crystals, each with unique healing properties promoting love and tranquility.

Ice Quartz:

Ice Quartz channels deep emotional healing, fostering an atmosphere of pure love. This crystal amplifies love energies, encouraging self-compassion and harmony within relationships. Its calming aura creates an environment conducive to nurturing unconditional love.


Rhodonite brings forth unconditional love, promoting compassion and emotional balance. Its energies aid in healing emotional scars, fostering forgiveness, and enhancing mutual understanding in relationships. Rhodonite's soothing presence encourages self-love and nurtures harmonious connections.

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, handcrafted with care. Please note that as natural elements, crystals may exhibit variations in shapes, colors, and patterns, ensuring your item is uniquely yours. Embrace the inherent beauty and individuality found in every crystal-infused piece.

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