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Copper-Infused Selenite Moon Bowl

Copper-Infused Selenite Moon Bowl

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Discover Cosmic Harmony with Our Copper-Infused Selenite Moon Bowl

Experience the union of selenite's purifying essence and copper's energy-conducting ability in our versatile moon bowl.

A Sacred Vessel: This adaptable bowl offers sanctity for your treasured items—crystals, jewelry, or keepsakes. Placing them within infuses their energies with the cleansing and revitalizing powers of selenite and copper.

Cosmic Purification: Imbued with cosmic purity, this bowl becomes a conduit for intention-setting and negativity release, creating an environment conducive to spiritual growth and balance.

Elevated Energies: Harness the mystical resonance of our Copper-Infused Selenite Cleansing & Charging Bowl to elevate your space and energy levels.

Unlock cosmic harmony with our Copper-Infused Selenite Moon Bowl and embrace the transformative energies it offers.

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