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Needle Quartz Cluster 558g

Needle Quartz Cluster 558g

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Needle Quartz Cluster: Delicate Formations for Spiritual Energy

A Needle Quartz Cluster, characterized by its needle-like Quartz crystals arranged in intricate formations, offers a delicate and ethereal appearance. These clusters, varying in sizes and arrangements, are sought after for their aesthetic appeal and energetic properties.

Needle Quartz Clusters, with their slender and elongated crystals, are favored in healing and spiritual practices for their ability to focus and amplify energies. They are used in meditation for enhancing mental clarity and precision in thoughts. Their transparency or translucency allows light to pass through, symbolizing spiritual alignment and insight.

Experience the beauty and energetic resonance of Needle Quartz Clusters, perfect for those seeking to channel spiritual energy and enhance mental acuity through their delicate and finely arranged formations.

Description: 558g - Approx. 5" x 3" x 3"

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