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Palo Santo (set of 5 sticks)

Palo Santo (set of 5 sticks)

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Palo Santo, a sacred wood renowned for its aromatic and spiritual attributes, holds immense significance in various practices and rituals.

With its grounding properties, Palo Santo facilitates a connection to one's spiritual core, fostering a sense of tranquility and centeredness. Often utilized in meditation, prayer, and shamanic ceremonies, its fragrant smoke is believed to dispel negative energies and usher in a more positive atmosphere.

When preparing for smudging, setting an intention can be profoundly beneficial. This intention could be a prayer, an affirmation, or a positive wish directed towards the crystal, the surrounding space, or even an individual. As you engage in smudging, walk around the area or the object, allowing the fragrant smoke from the Palo Santo to permeate the space. Using a feather or your hand, gently guide the smoke into every corner, ensuring a thorough cleansing and imbuing the surroundings with its purifying essence.

Dimensions: Each stick is between 3.5-4" long

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