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Prosperity Crystal Set

Prosperity Crystal Set

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Invite Abundance with the Prosperity Crystal Set

The Prosperity Crystal Set, carefully curated to attract abundance, good fortune, and prosperity, comprises crystals known for their wealth-inviting properties.

Bloodstone enhances vitality, energy flow, and determination, fostering motivation to pursue goals and attract success.

Carnelian boosts motivation, creativity, and action, aiding in manifesting aspirations, enhancing confidence, and seizing growth opportunities.

Citrine draws wealth, success, and tangible results, dispelling negativity and limiting beliefs to clear pathways for abundance.

Clear Quartz harmonizes surroundings, amplifying intentions, and fostering a positive atmosphere for wealth attraction and success manifestation.

Green Aventurine invites luck, opens doors to opportunities, and instills optimism to overcome financial challenges.

Pyrite attracts good fortune, fostering financial success, confidence, and a positive mindset to pursue opportunities and overcome limitations.

Tiger’s Eye ignites motivation, courage, and focus, enhancing financial decision-making, confidence, and gratitude for abundance.

The set includes a Selenite and Copper charging plate to maintain stone energy. Selenite cleanses energy, while copper amplifies and conducts energy.

 Dimensions: Each crystal/stone varies in shape, color and size (Approx. 0.5-1.5"). Selenite plate comes in 2 presentations; the medium plate is about 8"x1.5"x0.5" while the large plate is about 6"x4"x0.5"

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