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Red Jasper

Red Jasper

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Red Jasper: Stability and Grounding

Red Jasper, a member of the quartz family with a range of deep brick red to brownish-red hues, owes its color to iron oxide deposits within the mineral.

Renowned for its grounding and stabilizing qualities, Red Jasper fosters balance across physical, emotional, and spiritual realms.

Its nurturing energy assists in alleviating anxiety, stress, and feelings of overwhelm while offering protection against negative energies. It instills a sense of safety, fortitude, and inner strength.

Red Jasper is valued for releasing emotional blockages, promoting relaxation, emotional stability, and self-confidence. It encourages a grounded connection to the physical body.

Known for its energizing effect, Red Jasper fuels creativity, motivation, and the pursuit of personal goals and aspirations.

Supporting digestion and bolstering the immune system, Red Jasper contributes to overall physical well-being.

Bestowing its impact upon the root chakra (Muladhara in Sanskrit), situated at the base of the spine, Red Jasper harmonizes the energy of this foundational chakra. Known for its grounding properties, Red Jasper profoundly balances the root chakra, associated with stability, grounding, and physical energy.

Product Description: Tumbled stones, each one varies in shape, color and size (Approx. 1-1.25").

Country of Origin: India

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