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Strength Crystal Set

Strength Crystal Set

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Harness Inner Strength with the Strength Crystal Set

The Strength Crystal Set is a potent selection of crystals crafted to nurture strength, resilience, and inner fortitude, ideal for navigating challenging times or transitions. Comprising seven carefully chosen crystals, each possesses unique properties and benefits.

Carnelian boosts physical stamina and endurance, aiding in surmounting obstacles and fostering perseverance. Its stimulation of creativity and passion ignites ambition and drive.

Fire Quartz releases self-doubt and fear, fostering confidence to confront challenges and persist in adversity. Its grounding and energizing attributes activate the root chakra, offering stability and a strong foundation.

Green Aventurine enhances vitality, resilience, and emotional well-being, alleviating stress and nurturing a positive outlook. It encourages personal growth and a profound connection with inner strength.

Red Aragonite bolsters vitality and mental health, unlocking inner fortitude and motivation to pursue goals while maintaining balance.

Red Tiger's Eye amplifies vitality, courage, and determination, instilling confidence to surmount challenges and accomplish personal aspirations.

Snowflake Obsidian dispels negative patterns and thoughts, fostering determination and courage to overcome obstacles, offering support during transitions, and nurturing inner strength.

Unakite fosters a balanced approach to life's challenges, releasing negative energy and emotional blockages for heightened clarity and focus.

The set includes a Selenite and Copper charging plate for stone energy maintenance. Selenite aids in energy cleansing and purification, while copper amplifies and conducts energy.

 Dimensions: Each crystal/stone varies in shape, color and size (Approx. 0.5-1.5"). Selenite plate comes in 2 presentations; the medium plate is about 8"x1.5"x0.5" while the large plate is about 6"x4"x0.5"

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