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Stress-Relief Crystal Set

Stress-Relief Crystal Set

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Find Tranquility and Emotional Balance with the Stress-Relief Crystal Set

The Stress-Relief Crystal Set, comprising seven meticulously chosen mineral stones, aims to cultivate calmness, relaxation, and emotional equilibrium while boosting energy and reducing anxiety levels.

Amazonite, fostering serenity and tranquility, alleviates tension and encourages open communication and self-expression, aiding in stress release and emotional balance.

Blue Chalcedony's calming properties promote inner peace, reducing tension and facilitating relaxation. It supports clear communication, aiding in stress release and emotional unblocking.

Clear Quartz, an energy amplifier, enhances positive emotions, mental clarity, and relaxation. Harmonizing mind, body, and spirit, it fosters overall relaxation.

Hematite, a grounding stone, stabilizes emotions, relieves stress, and dissipates negative energies. It offers mental clarity, energetic protection, and a sense of calm.

Lapis Lazuli soothes the mind, fostering tranquility and emotional balance while aiding in communication and releasing emotional blockages.

Lepidolite calms anxious thoughts, promoting tranquility and emotional balance, supporting stress and tension release, encouraging restful sleep, and overall well-being.

Rhodonite's nurturing energy relaxes, releasing emotional wounds and promoting self-love and forgiveness. It strengthens emotional resilience for a positive outlook amid challenges.

The set includes a Selenite and Copper charging plate for maintaining stone energy. Selenite aids in energy cleansing and purification, while copper amplifies and conducts energy.

 Dimensions: Each crystal/stone varies in shape, color and size (Approx. 0.5-1.5"). Selenite plate comes in 2 presentations; the medium plate is about 8"x1.5"x0.5" while the large plate is about 6"x4"x0.5"

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