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Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye

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Revealing the Radiance: Understanding the Power of Tiger's Eye

Explore the fascinating attributes of Tiger's Eye, a quartz mineral renowned for its golden-brown hues and protective energies. Discover how this stone fosters security, attracts abundance, enhances intuition, and promotes emotional stability.

Tiger's Eye, a captivating quartz mineral, boasts a unique blend of golden-brown shades and a captivating silky luster. Formed from the transformation of crocidolite into iron oxide, this mineral showcases mesmerizing bands of brown, black, and golden hues.

This stone embodies protective energies, serving as a shield against negative forces while instilling a profound sense of safety and reassurance. It acts as a beacon, attracting abundance and prosperity by fueling motivation, focus, and unwavering determination.

One of Tiger's Eye's distinctive attributes is its ability to heighten intuition and aid in making better financial choices. This stone encourages clarity of thought, allowing for a broader perspective on matters.

Grounding properties anchor us to the Earth, providing a solid and secure foundation upon which to build our endeavors. It clears mental obstacles, enhances focus, and brings emotional equilibrium, calming anxious thoughts and alleviating fear and worry.

Aligned with the solar plexus chakra, also referred to as Manipura in Sanskrit, Tiger's Eye empowers self-confidence and personal strength. It is renowned for boosting self-esteem and infusing individuals with the courage to pursue their aspirations and goals.

Experience the transformative power of Tiger's Eye, a stone that nurtures protection, prosperity, intuition, and emotional stability, guiding individuals towards self-assuredness and abundance.

Product Description: Tumbled stones, each one varies in shape, color and size (Approx. 0.5-1.25").

Country of Origin: Brazil

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