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Ultimate Tower of Love

Ultimate Tower of Love

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Experience Healing and Love with the Ultimate Tower Love of Crystals

Discover the Ultimate Tower of Love, a set of powerful crystal points – clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst – balanced on a Selenite plate and crowned with a Copper ring. Harnessing unique energies, this set creates a healing and loving experience, perfect for promoting positivity and harmony in your life.

The Ultimate Tower of Love embodies three distinct energies within its clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst points. Clear quartz, the "master healer," amplifies energy and aligns chakras. Rose quartz, the "stone of love," fosters emotional healing and happiness, while amethyst, the "stone of spirituality," enhances clarity and calmness. Surrounding these is a cleansing Selenite plate that purifies negative energy, supported by a Copper ring, known for enhancing energy conductivity.

This holistic combination forms a powerful instrument for healing and self-care, infusing love and positivity into your life. Placing the Ultimate Tower of Love in your bedroom amplifies harmony and promotes love, making it a valuable addition to your sanctuary.

Dimensions: the crystal point varies in shape, color and size (Approx. 1-2").  The selenite plate has a diameter of 2.5-3"with an approximate height of 0.5" 

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